At the Recurse Center


I applied for the Recurse Center, was accepted, and am at the end of my first week of a six-week batch.

The Recurse Center is an interesting proposition, a bit of a programmer's guildhall supported by hiring, but dedicated to the principles of honing your craft, learning together, having fun and challenging your edges. A bit like the concept of an academic sabbatical, where you don't have to teach any courses, but can visit a new field or be a guest at another university, and make connections or deeper dives into things you wouldn't have time for with the interruptions of your position's duties.

A programmer's intensive retreat.

It's been good for me to focus on what motivates me. At the end of the first week was an event on building your "volitional muscles", which is about translating wishes into work.

On my do at RC list:

On my maybe at RC list:

On my no/not-really at RC list:

Links later if I revise.

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