DPE Summit 2023


2023-09-20 and 2023-09-21: at the Developer Productivity Engineering Summit, sponsored by Gradle, in San Francisco California at the Midway event space near Pier 80.

DPE Summit - beware Flash-like animated intro.

The funny bent infinity sign is Facebook/Meta's logo, which I didn't recognize, and it wasn't linked to FB/Meta, so I was left guessing for a while.

Common Themes


Gradle Incorporated (host) Meta (Facebook), Uber, Netflix, JetBrains.

Me on TV

One of the Gradle Inc hosts talked with me about one of my developer productivity success stories and asked about how far we'd come since then.

YouTube, Jeffrey Miller DPESummit 2023

Me: Software development is facing problems of success, which relate to transmission of working knowledge at the team level, distinct from tool or technology knowledge. While online learning resources and tooling are accessibly like never before, we don't retain wisdom as a field. The way we (fail to) manage teams and knowledge sharing loses so much. And the Mythical Man-Month is still relevant, meaning that we haven't learned its lessons.

Sessions Attended

JetBrains, What is Developer Success?

Netflix, Testing Experience

Apple, The Dependency Graph

LinkedIn, How to Make Developers Unhappy and Unproductive

Spotify, Backstage, from service inventory to plug-in service backplane, with a personal anecdote about Backstage plugins for hospital radiology.

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