Hello Web


And another player yet to be named.

Hello readers and robots and indexing services.

I'm starting an informal technical and learning blog following multiple prompts that writing in public can serve a number of purposes.

Following Cory Doctorow, a weblog can be an online instance of Vannevar Bush's memex, a searchable memory bank reflecting engagement with interests and topics over time, linking together points and progress and resources.

Following Brian Kerr, there are twenty-three reasons to write online, notably to serve as an introduction to your interests and thought processes, to filter out and filter in people who you want to engage with, to have slow conversations, to learn, to practice, to solicit suggestions, and to become the person you want to be.

This is starting out as updates, thoughts, and actions, and an experiment with the medium. I was too busy getting other things started during the golden age of blogs and LiveJournal and suchlike; but perhaps this is the silver age.

A contact page is pending. I'm not yet off Twitter, though my public social center of gravity is now a Mastodon federation account. I'm quite bitter at how the new Twitter owner has spoilt the commons and damaged many, many old slide decks referring to Twitter handles for conversation with the authors. The damage is quite striking. I have to wonder if LinkedIn might slide in where Twitter crashed, though it has the "membership please?" problem that many social sites do.

Appreciation to Erika Rowland for helping me put the blog pieces together and for pair learning.

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