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When writing Zola page source with internal links to other pages, refer to the documentation. Internal links follow the build folder paths and file names, not the rendered site's folder paths and names.

That means an internal link might look like

[Zola internal links](@/pages/zola-internal-links.md)

referring to a file under your Zola site source folder like


and render via "zola build" to something like


or via "zola serve", to


The docs call out internal linking as a special case in the left doc section navbar, so it's not actually obscure, just inobvious when writing posts, and my first few tweaks of Markdown link format failed to get the links in sync.

The special @/content/page.md internal links are checked at site build for consistency, and a broken link will fail the site build.

Zola docs on internal linking.

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