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Lettered circles show Gossamer Worlds. Solid arcs and lines indicate Stair connections.
Solid rings indicate dominant Eidolon influence. Dashed rings indicate dominant Umbra influence.

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Stair Section Generator

(Mock-up suggesting layout and content; no working generator.)

Size: Random size
Stuff: Random stuff

This landing is a circular room 10m across and 3m high with a floor of smooth marble with an inset starburst design. The walls are of similar marble. The ceiling is domed and painted with a more colorful version of the starburst design from the floor. The light source is a bright, indirect glow emanating from a circular crevice on the edge of the ceiling.

Around the wall, Doors alternate with archways. The Doors are of plain white wood with simple hardware.

The air is cool and crisp, with a faint electric tingle, but no particular scent. The hard walls make sound in the space rather lively, with strange echoes, sometimes amplifying sounds from outside the chamber.

Transitions: Arches lead to other sections of Stair.

This hallway has dimensions close to the common Stair size of 3m wide by 4m high, with a floor covered with tough, sound-absorbing carpet with subtle geometric designs. The walls and ceiling are covered with wood paneling. The light source is a series of gas jets with glass chimneys and white-glowing thorium mesh mantles. The Doors in the hallway alternate. They are of varying colors of brightly painted wood, each bearing a blank brass plate 2/3 of the way up, and opening with a brass lever.

The air is still and mild in temperature, with no obvious breeze. The general environment is quiet. There is a faint scent of wood, wool, paint, and scorched dust.

Transitions: The hallway ends with an arch at either end.

This corridor has a uniformly curved shape and a noticeable incline along its length. Its dimensions are close to the common Stair size of 3m wide, but its ceiling is lower, near 3m high. The floor is seamless cool gray stone with a rough surface texture that makes good footing. The walls appear to be similar, but with smooth gray paint overlain with colored lines. Each line starts beside a Door and travels for some distance in parallel with lines of other colors lines, skipping over doorways, before the line stops beside another Door. The ceiling is covered with metal pipes, conduits, and ducts anchored by brackets, running along the length of the corridor. The light source is a series of incandescent bulbs upon the ceiling with reflective cone holders and protective metal cages. The air is still and cool in temperature, with a slight breeze toward the downslope direction. There are occasional clicks, hisses, and buzzes from the ceiling. There is a faint scent of machine oil. The Doors in the corridor are placed in the side walls. They occur frequently, facing one another across the width of the corridor.

Obstacles: After a period of travel, the stair-walkers will likely notice that they appear to be in the same location. Marking the corridor or leaving items behind will reveal that despite appearing to be a curving ramp, the corridor is a circle. Concentrated use of Wayfinding will indicate this as well.

Transitions: At least one Door leads to another part of the Stair. Some Gossamer Worlds behind the Doors have additional Doors which connect to other parts of the Stair.

These ladder shafts are round, 3m to 7m in diameter with walls of dark stone. The ladder rungs are iron bars deeply rooted in the walls. The light source is torches with flames flaring in the direction of the constant breeze blowing up from the depths. The rush of air is loud and resonates in a particular tone for each shaft. Each landing is a narrow iron catwalk with an opening for the ladder. There is one or more Doors on each landing, and sometimes an arch to an adjoining shaft. The Doors are mostly dark, heavy wood with iron hardware, mixed with an occasional hatch a step above the catwalk level.

Obstacles: The noise, wind, and ladder climbing make this section fatiguing to travel. Wind noise impedes hearing spoken communication or any but loud sounds. Falling from a ladder may have dire consequences. Strength and Endurance are needed for rapid or extended travel.

Transitions: The top and bottom of each shaft provide transitions to points on the Stair otherwise remote and possibly dangerous. Some landings have halls leading to other sections of the Stair.

An extra-large section of Stair.
A vast section of Stair.

Door Generator

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