wumpus.svgHunt the Wumpus

Clickable game using SVG+JavaScript. Wander the twenty vertices of a dodecahedron, hunting the dangerous Wumpus, avoiding bottomless pits and super bats.

Click on an adjacent room to move; click on an arrow, then a room to shoot into the next room.

Based on the early text-based game. Limitation: arrows only go one room, rather than up to 5 as in the original.

Grid Size 3
Grid Size 4
Grid Size 5
Clickable Colored Hex Grids

Clickable toy, mostly an exercise in hex grids, neighbors, and random colors, using SVG+JavaScript.

I've been reading Amit Patel's hex grid guide on RedBlobGames, but these grids use more of a typical wargame coordinate system than the one he recommends.

Pixie Demo#1

Pixie Demo#2

Pixie mock-up

Weatherpixie Exercises

Inspired by Tamsin Bowles' Weatherpixie site which used airport weather data to generate representative images showing day/night, weather, and a clothed doll/cartoon, this a start at using the paper-doll ability of SVG to compose similar images.

The "demo" SVGs are clickable via the selector circles at the bottom to show the paper-doll effect and represent a range of time-of-day and temperature. The mock-up shows a sample reproduction using SVG of a Weatherpixie-style image result.

Planet Cute AnimationAnimated SVG

Inspired by Dan Cook's Planet Cute image pack, offered for shared use for game development.

Radar (green)

Radar (amber)

Radar screen with sweep hand animation

Experiment with gradients, clipping paths, animation.