wumpus.svgHunt the Wumpus

Clickable game using SVG+JavaScript. Wander the twenty vertices of a dodecahedron, hunting the dangerous Wumpus, avoiding bottomless pits and super bats.

Click on an adjacent room to move; click on an arrow, then a room to shoot into the next room.

Based on the early text-based game. Limitation: arrows only go one room, rather than up to 5 as in the original.

Grid Size 3
Grid Size 4
Grid Size 5
Clickable Colored Hex Grids

Clickable toy, mostly an exercise in hex grids, neighbors, and random colors, using SVG+JavaScript.

I've been reading Amit Patel's hex grid guide on RedBlobGames, but these grids use more of a typical wargame coordinate system than the one he recommends.

Pixie Demo#1

Pixie Demo#2

Pixie mock-up

Weatherpixie Exercises

Inspired by Tamsin Bowles' Weatherpixie site which used airport weather data to generate representative images showing day/night, weather, and a clothed doll/cartoon, this a start at using the paper-doll ability of SVG to compose similar images.

The "demo" SVGs are clickable via the selector circles at the bottom to show the paper-doll effect and represent a range of time-of-day and temperature. The mock-up shows a sample reproduction using SVG of a Weatherpixie-style image result.